Rochelle, Hairdressing Level 1

I came to college to get experience in hairdressing.

I enjoy working with my friends, sharing and gaining ideas from them. They help me when I’m unsure of something and I help them too. It boosts my confidence and helps me complete my work on time.

I enjoy creating different types of braids, shampoo and conditioning hair, doing blow dries. I also feel confident doing reception duties as I have experience from my work experience in a salon.

The teaching is great as I have Anne, my hairdressing lecturer. She helps me and my other classmates get through things we don’t understand and explains everything fully in detail.

I found out about a competition from my teacher Anne. She helped fill out my application form for me so that I could take part in the competition.

For the competition I decided to do a fishtail and two braids on the sides. I sectioned the hair using a tail comb. I started braiding a fishtail braid from the crown down to the nape. Next, I created the braids on each side. I used a curling iron to get some bouncy curls. Finally finished it with hairspray to hold the style together and added some hair accessories. To go with the hairstyle, I added some eyeshadow and face pearls to add some sparkle. It took me around an hour and 15 minutes to construct.

When I found out I was selected for the final round I was super excited. I’ve already started looking for some ideas on YouTube for my second festival hairstyle.

After I finish my level 1 course, I have decided to do the level 2 to gain more knowledge in hairdressing.

The college set some targets for me to complete to help me reach my future goals. They have also provided me with information so I can make the right decision for the future.

Eventually, I’d like to work in a salon where I can use the knowledge I’ve gained at college to help customers and make them happy.

Where you study can be almost as important as what you study so I recommend you research carefully and choose something that you love and believe that in future, it will help you achieve your goals.

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