Rameen, IT and computing Level 2

Rameen Malik is combining a Btec in IT and computing with working at Reading College’s learning centre.

Rameen says that: “From childhood I just wanted to study IT and become a software developer. That’s why I came to Reading College as its one of the best options.

“In my first year here, they approached me about a job at the college library. I now keep book records and student data, working six hours a week. It is an amazing experience and, as it is a paid position, I can study and work at the same time.”

Rameen’s passion is coding, she says: “I like to develop applications, websites, software… it’s all I’m interested in! I wanted to know how professional coders made things work in a certain way. That fascinates me.

“I’ve learnt many things. When I started the course, I had zero confidence. But throughout these three years I’ve learnt a lot; how to be a professional, build up my confidence and to try and try again until you succeed.

“I was the only student in Level 2 year one to achieve distinctions in all the assignment units. I was awarded a ‘Make it Happen’ certificate and was nominated for the IT student of the year award, where I was a runner-up. I’m trying my best to win it this year!”

There are many routes to IT, and at this college they teach you each and every route. They give you the confidence to discover for yourself whether you’re good at project management, networking, coding… so there are many options, and you can judge for yourself if you choose Activate Learning. Teachers are really supportive; everyone here is amazing.

“I’m much more organised and punctual, and now I’m really good at presentations. I don’t care if it is 100 people or 1000 people! In Level 3, Year 1 they put us in groups and asked us to present back to class. That’s how I build my confidence.”

This is Rameen’s final year at Activate Learning, and after a challenging recruitment process, she has been offered a prestigious Level 6 apprenticeship at communications giant Vodafone.

Rameen believes that “There are no limits for success. Just be who you want to be and not what others want to see.”