Joe, Landscaping Level 3

I found out about Activate Learning through my school.

My experience with applying and enrolling was pretty easy. College is quite different from school but easy to get used to.

College is different because you can get to know people more personally. At school, you’re friends with the people in your year because you’re put in the same classes. At college, you’re doing a course with people who share the same interests and enjoy doing the same things as you do.

I chose to do my course at Merrist Wood College because I’m more of a practical person.

The teachers are all so supportive, they do a lot for us students. The study coaches will sit with anyone who might struggle with the coursework side of things, as it’s supposed to be a practical course.

This course is a mix between horticulture and landscaping. For anyone wanting to study both, I would recommend it because it’s very in depth and if, five years down the line, you don’t want to do landscaping, then you’ve still got an equivalent to two-and-a-half A Levels.

I’ve always wanted to be a Landscaper and as soon as I saw that there was a course for it at Merrist Wood College, I jumped at it. I want to have my own company someday and I’ll be going straight into employment once I finish my studies here.