Cameron, Engineering Level 3

What’s it like studying Engineering?

The facilities like the engineering workshops are awesome and the teachers have been really supportive. You really do get treated like an adult and you get to make friends with the people on your course who have the same interest.

My favourite part about my course is getting to go on the workshops. When you’re there, you’re left to get on with it and the teachers really encourage independence which has helped me prepare for the workplace.

Preparing for life after college

My time at college and the opportunities open to me has helped me progress and get lots of experience to put on my CV.

College has given me lots of opportunities through their connections. One of my tutors has helped me to get into this competition with the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME). For this, we had to create a mechanical function for the army. You could choose what you wanted to do so I chose to create a mount for the quadbike. REME came into college and listened to our presentations and picked three groups from three different colleges. Even though I wasn’t a part of a group, I was picked and they were really impressed with my work!

Next year, I’m hoping to apply for the Level 4 Engineering course. It’s either that or I might look for opportunities with the connections I’ve made with REME. I’d love to go into aircraft engineering or architecture.

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