Jacob, Sport Level 3

I actually found out about Activate Learning through an advert I saw on the back of a bus.

I wasn’t doing too well with my GCSEs but I loved football. After my grades came out, the school said my grades weren’t good enough. I came here and told them I was interested in sport and they let me in.

The facilities are great and the teachers are all so nice. Everyone’s so friendly and it’s a great environment to be in.

It’s all been quite fun. Being able to play football alongside studying has been the best thing. You make some great friendships through the sport.

I would recommend this course, it’s good for people who aren’t particularly academic.

I went through Future Elite Sports which is an agent company for footballers to go off to the US.

We do a bunch of video days, we send them to the coaches and I’ve received some offers. The pre-season starts in August and I’ll be flying out then.

I’ve been playing for Westfield in Woking. When I go out, I’ll be playing for West Virginia Tech. I’m really looking forward to it!

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