Enriko, GCSEs

I am on the Science pathway of the GCSE course.

My grades weren’t great after finishing secondary school. I wanted to redo my GCSEs and found that Activate Learning offered this, so I chose to study here. When I started, my grades were at a grade 3 and now I’m working at a grade 6!

I’m really enjoying it! The teachers are really nice and supportive. The facilities are all really great and we have access to all the equipment we could ever want.

The lessons are quite straightforward and it’s easy to understand. There’s more one-to-one time at college compared to secondary school, and there are more opportunities for support.

My mum is in the medical field which is why I want to go into that sector. I’ll be continuing my studies and doing a BTEC in Applied Science in September and I’m really looking forward to it!

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