Helping your young person manage exam stress

As your young person prepares for their GCSE and/or A Level exams, they may be feeling the pressure and stress that comes with this important time in their academic career.  

As a parent or guardian, you can play a crucial role in helping them manage their exam stress and achieve success. 

Here are some tips to help them manage their exam stress during this time:  

Encourage them to create a study plan

One of the best ways to manage stress is to create a study plan that includes scheduled breaks and rest periods. Help them plan out their study time and make sure they are taking regular breaks to recharge. 

Promote a healthy lifestyle

A healthy diet, regular exercise, and plenty of sleep are all important for reducing stress and increasing focus. Encourage them to prioritise these healthy habits as they prepare for their exams. 

Help them stay organised

A cluttered and disorganised study environment can add to stress levels. Encourage them to keep their study space clean and organised and help them find tools and resources to keep track of their study materials and deadlines. 

Be supportive and encouraging

Let them know that you are there for them and support them during this stressful time. Offer words of encouragement and help them stay positive and focused on their goals. 

Encourage them to take breaks

It’s important for them to take regular breaks to avoid burnout and reduce stress. Encourage them to take breaks and engage in activities they enjoy, whether it’s listening to music, spending time with friends or family, or pursuing a hobby. 

Don’t add to their stress

Avoid putting additional pressure on them during this time. Instead, focus on helping them manage their stress and provide support as needed. 

Remember, exams are an important but temporary phase of your young person’s academic journey. By helping them manage their stress levels, you can help them approach these exams with confidence and set them up for success in their future career pathway. 

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