Celebrate World Theatre Day at home

World Theatre Day is a day dedicated to the ancient art of theatre and the performing arts. As we’re currently still under government restrictions and the theatres are still closed, here are some ways to celebrate the arts safely from home.

Stream theatre shows from home

There are a number of shows that you can stream from the comfort of your own home on various streaming platforms. Netflix currently has the Royal Ballet’s The Nutcracker available to watch and Disney+ has Broadway’s Hamilton performed by the original cast.

The famous ‘Globe Theatre’ currently has Romeo and Juliet available to stream on their Youtube channel until the 31st March. You can even go the extra mile and rent a show directly from Shakespeare’s Globe, where all proceeds go directly towards supporting the charity’s provision of education and entertainment.


Browse digital exhibitions dedicated to the magic of theatre

Google Arts and Culture have some exhibitions at the moment that celebrate all things theatre. This exhibition, all about Costume at the National Theatre, highlights the importance of costume design in bringing characters to life. Here are a few more exhibitions you might like:


Support charities and organizations who champion the arts

The community in Reading, one of our college locations, is currently campaigning to #SaveReadingGaol to turn it into an arts and theatre centre. The heritage site has attracted well-known names such as Banksy, the graffiti artist who has recently painted a reference to Oscar Wilde, an ex-prisoner at Reading prison. Kate Winslet was another well-known name who vowed to perform at opening night if the prison becomes an arts centre.

The theatre and performing arts industry have been one of the hardest hit during the pandemic. There are lots of campaigns to support various causes.

  • Acting for Others is made up of fourteen individual charities, each with their own remit to support all theatre workers in times of need.
  • Theatres Trust exists to protect access to physical theatre buildings and supporting live performances
  • Arts Council England supports various arts and cultural institutes within England.


Support your local theatres!

You may have had tickets for a theatre show which had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. Instead of getting a refund, why not still go at a postponed date or donate the cost of your tickets to help them out?

Booking tickets in advance, ready for when theatres reopen again, is also another option – it’s something to look forward to!

Another way to support your local theatres (if you can afford it) is to buy venue memberships. This is a small way to not only help out your local theatre but also to gain fabulous perks and access to tickets for post lockdown shows ahead of the general public.


There are so many other ways to support the theatre and performing arts industry. Amplify the value and importance of the arts today!

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