Bracknell students show off their skills at a fashion show

Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy students from Bracknell and Wokingham College put their skills to good use when they did the hair and makeup at local fashion show, held at Heathfield School in Ascot.

A hairdressing student styling a model's hair

It was a very busy event with the students styling the hair and applying the makeup to 78 models in only three hours! The fashion show took place over two evenings and featured a range of outfits by high-end brands and designers.

As part of their Create an Image unit of their course, where the Beauty Therapy students have to plan and create a full hair and makeup design as part of a team, the students studying Level 1 and Level 2 Beauty Therapy at the Church Road campus, all helped to plan and run the hair and makeup looks and how each of them would be carried out at the fashion show.

As part of this, each of the students created a mood board and wrote a plan for the event.

They were joined by 10 Level 1 and Level 2 Hairdressing students.

I really enjoyed it!

Hairdressing students style hair at a fashion show

Bella is studying a Hairdressing and Barbering Level 1 Certificate at Bracknell and Wokingham College.

She said: “I really enjoyed it! I learnt so many different things as I was asked to recreate so many different hairstyles.

“It took me out of my comfort zone, for example I hadn’t done a half up, half down messy bun with a plait hairstyle before.

“It helped me to see what it’s like to interact with clients as I had quite a lot of questions about the hairstyle that they wanted to have.

“It has made me see that I could do this as a career.”

It helped me to see what it would be like as a career

A beauty therapy student does the makeup on a model at a fashion show

Eloise is studying a Beauty Therapy Level 1 Certificate at Bracknell and Wokingham College.

She said: “It was a good experience. I learnt time management as we had so many models to work on. It was challenging to work on so many models as I had to adapt to them.

“It helped me to see what it would be like to it as your job. It helps you realise which path of beauty you can take because there are so many things you can do.”

An amazing opportunity

A beauty therapy student applies makeup to a model at a fashion show

Kamala Mccormack, Beauty Teacher at Activate Learning, said: “It was amazing for our students to work at the fashion show!

“The students deserve lots of praise as they all acted professionally. It’s amazing that in three hours, they were able to get all 78 models ready and finished. Even for a professional makeup team, that’s a really short timescale.

“It also helped them to develop good teamwork skills. Even though the students didn’t know the hairdressing students, they all worked really well together.”

“They all really enjoyed it and it’s really boosted their confidence, as it’s shown them what they’re capable of. It was really great work experience which will look good on their CV and given them something to talk about at interviews. For some of them, it’s inspired them to consider a career in makeup.”

I’m so proud of them!

A beauty therapy student applies makeup to a model at a fashion show

Jacqueline Cash, Hairdressing Teacher at Activate Learning, said “The students were nervous initially, but they loved it! They were buzzing afterwards, and it was a fantastic experience for them!

“It was a really good experience for them as a stylist, because they got to strengthen their consultation skills and work on more than one person, which they’re not used to.

“I’m so proud of them and it’s given them confidence to trust in their ability. Most of the models brought a picture with them of the hairstyle that they wanted them to recreate, which was daunting for them, but they all smashed it!”

Highly-skilled students

Hairdressing students styling models' hair at fashion show

Angela Farrugia, Head of Art & Design at Heathfield School, said: “The students were skilled and patient with a mammoth task of getting 78 models ready in a short amount of time!

“From the moment the students arrived, their professionalism and expertise were evident, and their tireless efforts ensured that each model looked stunning.

“They had the ability to work efficiently and collaboratively, and they impressed me with their friendly and approachable demeanour. It was a pleasure to work with a team who truly cares about their craft.

“The dedication to their craft and commitment to excellence were truly inspiring, and we could not have achieved such a successful show without their contributions. Their hard work and talent are deeply appreciated, and we look forward to working with the college again in the future.”

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